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Choosing a Settlement or Escrow Agent

Your lender or agent may recommend a neutral closing agent, such as settlement company like Nationwide Title Group or an attorney, to handle your closing. The choice is yours. At NTG, we work diligently to build and maintain lasting relationships that will ensure our reputation with our lender and agent clients for years to come.

Obtaining Title Insurance

Your lender will require you to purchase a title insurance policy to protect the investment on your new home. Be sure to click on the Title Insurance Tab to understand how important it is to make sure all your assets are covered by purchasing an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy.

A Title Search

Believe it or not, title searches reveal problems on more than a third of all residential real estate transactions! By searching public records for debts, legal judgments and other home ownership issues, we give you peace of mind in your investment. Some of the items reviewed include prior deeds, mortgages, divorce decrees, court judgments, delinquent taxes, child support payments, covenants, conditions and restrictions and other types of easements. If an issue is discovered, NTG will take care of it—typically without you even knowing about it. If the problem is not easily resolved, you will be notified.

Preparing the Documents

During the countdown to closing, the settlement or escrow agent you have selected and/or your lender will be busy preparing all the documents you will sign at closing. Some of the documents being prepared for you to sign include:

The Closing Disclosure

This form contains the terms and costs of your transaction. By law, your lender must provide the Closing Disclosure to you three days before your closing.

Promissory note

This document is your promise to repay the loan (mortgage) to your lender. It includes the amount you owe, the interest rate of the mortgage loan, the dates when the payments are to be made, the length of time for repayment and the where the payments are to be sent. The note also explains the consequences of failing to make your monthly mortgage payments.

Deed of trust

This document transfers legal ownership of the property with the condition that the lender may foreclose on your home if you fail to repay your mortgage. The Deed also explains your responsibilities and rights as a borrower.

What to Bring to Closing

Because your signature will be notarized on a number of documents, be sure to bring two forms of identification to closing, including a photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport or work badge, plus another form of ID such as an insurance card, a social security card, or a utility bill. In addition, you’ll need a cashier’s or certified check, and/or a wire transfer of funds from your bank.



The residential purchase is always a milestone decision for home buyers, yet it is often misunderstood by many title insurance providers. In fact, the opportunity to bring a consumer the best possible experience and value can be a challenge when knowledgeable service providers are not considered for this very life-changing transaction. At Nationwide Title Group , the goal of our team of experts is to enhance the home buying experience for consumers, realtors and mortgage originators in order to earn opportunities for repeat business for all parties to every residential purchase transaction we serve.


The residential refinance transaction is often assumed to be an easier transaction that the purchase of real estate. The reality is that while not as many parties are involved in the process, it is equally important for the title provider to have experience performing the services required to ensure that best practices and optimal services are delivered to both the lender and the customer.


When you choose Nationwide Title Group to handle your commercial purchase transaction, you’ll work directly with a staff attorney who brings to the settlement table a proven history working in the commercial market. Our experts can help with title examination, legal review, title insurance, closing cost estimations, and more.


In addition to standard closing and escrow services for purchase and refinance transactions, Nationwide title group is available to assist you with other settlement needs such as Deed and other Document Preparation, Property Searches, Reverse Mortgages, Notary Services, and Recording Fees. Be sure to ask us if you need assistance and, chances are, we’ll be able to help!

Nationwide Settlement Services Footprint

Nationwide Title Group and Silk Title has brought National Title Settlement services to the next level. We a National Agency Providing Title Insurance, Search and Settlement Services to the Residential and Commercial Markets. Silk® specializes in a wide range of title insurance and real estate service solutions. Our clients include banks, lenders, brokers, REO servicing companies, real estate agents and foreclosure attorneys. We specialize in all services relating to REO and foreclosures, and we offer tailored workflows to meet the specific needs of this niche. As an attorney owned and operated company, we provide services of only the highest caliber.


Top Level Quality, Compliance, and Customer Service At NTG, we can power your transaction through from contract to closing, operating quickly and efficiently to meet all of your REO needs. Our REO services division partners with brokers, lenders, asset managers and attorneys to meet monthly deadlines, overcome short lead times, and sort out complex title issues specific to the real estate-owned market. Our staff’s experience with foreclosures enables us to speed your transactions along, allowing you to close quickly and painlessly. Whether you are looking for a preliminary REO title report or full closing coordination, you can count on NTG for all of your real estate-owned title and closing needs. We Offer A specialized REO team and single point of contact nationwide Short notice and last minute closing services Competitive fees Responsive, client-centered approach to the closing process Customized reporting HUD and other document revi


HAVE CONFIDENCE IN CLOSING NTG offers a unique and carefully planned national purchase and closing product. We understand very well the difficulties of properly executing on a purchase transaction across state lines. For this reason, NTG has developed a purchase process that is truly unparalleled. Compared with various other types of transactions (such as refinance, for example), a purchase is unique in many respects. Lien clearance, scheduling and coordination among parties are critical elements, and this is where most national providers fail. NTG targets lien clearance as a first priority in the purchase process. Experienced curative operatives aggressively seek to resolve encumbrance issues early on in the process. Thereafter, customer-focused purchase specialists coordinate with all parties to the transaction. This ensures that our clients’ closings are smooth and seamless. By understanding the priorities and problems associated with the purchase proce

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Products and Services 1031 Exchange Services Due Diligence Foreclosure Title Services Loss Mitigation Title Services Non-National Foreclosure Title Services Asset Disposition Services Equity Services Title and Settlement Services Trustee Services UCC Services Disclosure Reports Please email Tyler@nationwidetitlegroup.com for access to our entire suite of services and products

Mortgage / Realtor tools and services

NTG offers full escrow processing services. Our centralized escrow division allows NTG to manage and coordinate order entry, escrow, funding, and disbursement for all loan types from one location. Property reports are an essential component of all real estate transactions. Our document preparation services can be used in conjunction with our full processing, or as an independent service. Mortgage Processing